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            1, the oil is in a shelf life, when thetime is long, the performance will be reduced and the wear acceleration of themechanical wear parts is accelerated.

            2, the engine oil runs through hightemperature in the engine, its physical and chemical properties will change,and the mechanical properties will change.

            3, the engine running time is long, the oilimpurities will increase, which will increase the wear speed of the mechanicalparts.

            What are the serious consequences of notchanging the oil on time?

            1, if the oil is not replaced on time, theoil pressure is too low. The most direct consequence of low oil pressure isthat it will cause half dry friction or dry friction between the various parts,and the engine will produce significant abnormal noise, which will cause burnup.

            Burning and tile phenomenon

            The following problems in oil pressurereduction will occur when the oil is not replaced on time:

            The oil storage is too small, resulting inno oil or oil in the lubricating system.

            The oil dirty or sticky cause the oil pumpcan not be effectively inhaled and pumped out of the oil.

            The oil dilute or thinning of the engineoil due to high engine temperature will leak out of the engine's frictionpairs.

            2, the oil pressure will be too high if theoil is not replaced on time. Too high oil pressure will cause premature damageto the gasoline filter, causing the engine cylinder to accumulate carbon andother failures. It will also reduce the life of the engine.

            Carbon deposit in cylinder

            When the oil is not replaced on time, thereare several problems that lead to the increase of oil pressure.

            The viscosity of the oil is too large (ifthe oil is not changed to the summer oil in the winter).

            The oil fluidity decreases with themodification of oil.

            Filter cartridge or oil channel blockage.

            3, the problem of excessive oil sludge willbe caused by not changing the oil on time. Sludge is usually due to highpressure in the combustion chamber of unburnt gas, acid, moisture, sulfur andnitrogen oxides through the gap between piston ring and cylinder wall into thecrankcase oil, and then metal parts wear the mixed together, then slowlyaccumulate to form sludge.

            Too much too much

            If the oil is not changed on time, thesludge will increase, and the increase of oil sludge will cause the blockage ofthe filter and oil hole, which will cause the engine lubrication difficulty andaggravate the engine wear.

            4, the oil is not replaced on time. Themost serious consequence is to cause the wear of various mechanical parts ofthe engine, such as piston and cylinder. Once the piston and cylinder are introuble, the machine needs to be overhauled, and the overhaul is something thatevery machine owner does not want to see.

            Cylinder cylinder wear seriously

            The lack of oil, too much oil in the oil,and the decline in the performance of the oil will cause serious wear and tearof the cylinder and piston. If you don't change the oil in time, the aboveproblems will come up basically, so it is very necessary to change the oil ontime.

            5, not changing the oil on time will causethe water temperature to be high. As mentioned above, not changing the oil ontime can cause too little oil storage and cause no lubrication or less oil inthe lubrication system. At that time, all parts of the engine will be in semidry or dry friction state.

            A large amount of heat is produced by semidry or dry friction, which makes the water temperature rise sharply.

            High water temperature

            When the water temperature is too high, thecylinder head and the cylinder block can be deformed or damaged. If such afault occurs, the machine is not far from the overhaul.

            Remind two points

            1, when the oil is replaced, the oil filtermust be replaced at the same time. We must not be able to save money and savemoney and ignore the oil filter core. Why is this?

            Because the dirt in the old machine filterwill destroy the quality of the new oil, thus reducing the service life of thenew oil.

            2, in the fall you must remember to replacethe winter oil, and in the spring must change the summer oil, unless your oilis the four seasons general oil.

            Because the oil is slightly thinner inwinter, in the summer, the oil will be thinner in winter, which is notconducive to the formation of oil film, and will also exacerbate the wear andtear of mechanical components.

            In summer, the oil will be thicker afterwinter, which will not be conducive to the flow of oil. It will cause too muchcarbon accumulation in engine block, which will aggravate the wear and tear ofmechanical parts.


            Replace the oil on time is very important,if not timely replacement will accelerate wear parts, affect the service life,and even lead to machine overhaul, more serious is in the process of working ifsudden problems will lead to accidents of scuffing of cylinder bore and so on,it is very important to the regular inspection and timely replacement ofmachine oil.

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