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            Thereare various kinds of construction machinery on the construction site. Hydraulicexcavators are one of the most important equipment of these building machines.Hydraulic system is one of the most important systems of these devices.

            Fora fully hydraulic excavator, it can be said that the hydraulic system is justlike the body's blood circulation system, which is all over the wholeexcavator. It contains hydraulic oil tank, main pump, multi-channel valve,pipeline and control.

            Theparts of hydraulic cylinders, motors and so on are all processed by precisionmachining. They have high requirements for the maintenance of hydraulic system.If maintenance is improper or no maintenance, it will cause failure, cause machineshutdown, and also bring losses to you.

            Keepthe system clean

            (1)regular replacement of hydraulic oil and filters

            Goodhydraulic oil contains a variety of additives, which can prevent oil fromdeteriorating.

            However,these additives will lose their effectiveness after a period of time. So oilshould be replaced regularly to ensure that the additives play a role.

            Thefilter can only absorb a limited amount of fouling particles and otherimpurities from the oil.

            ForHitachi ZX series (medium) machine, please work every 1000 hours to replace thehydraulic oil tank to the oil filter, hydraulic oil tank cleaning oil filter inthe replacement of hydraulic oil, in order to keep the system clean.

            Whenchanging the hydraulic oil filter, please check whether there are metalparticles or chips on the bottom of the filter. If there are copper or ironchips, the hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor or valve may be damaged or will bedamaged. If there is rubber, it means the seal of the hydraulic cylinder isdamaged.

            (2)regular discharge of oil tank dirt

            Regularlydischarging water and sediment from tank is very important for removingimpurities in oil, but regularly replacing hydraulic oil in the entirehydraulic system is also very important. This is the only reliable way tocompletely remove the impurity of the system, the oxidizing hydraulic oil andother harmful impurities. Then, clean the hydraulic oil should be recommendedto join Hitachi construction machinery hydraulic system.

            Pleasedischarge the dirt of the tank in the hydraulic tank every 250 hours.


            Ifthe hydraulic oil is polluted, especially when the pump or the cylinder andmotor are damaged, all the hydraulic oil must be replaced and the tank iscleaned.

            Keepthe working area clean

            Whenadding hydraulic oil to the tank or rejoining hydraulic oil, make sure that thearea around the cover of the filter box is clean.

            Onlya clean funnel or container can be used.

            Donot bring the dirt into the system.

            Whenmaintaining a hydraulic system, a clean plastic plug can only be used to sealthe end of the pipeline.

            Whenthe hydraulic components are maintained, the workbench must be absolutelyclean.

            Checkthe condition of the use of the tools, and they should be very clean.

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